Matte painting is a form of art where an artist paints a representation of a landscape or set to create the illusion of an environment, which in most cases would be too expensive to physically create or reach.

Dylan Cole has created special effects work for an impressive list of clients. Such clients include Blizzard Entertainment, Dreamworks, Microsoft, Walt Disney Studios, Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, and the list goes on. Some of the films Dylan has worked on include Alice In Wonderland, Avatar, Eagle Eye, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Daredevil, 310 to Yuma, and many more. For more details on Dylan visit his official website.

  • Sag or sagging is a term used in painting. It is when gravity will cause an overloaded area of paint to droop or sag in a horizontal line. In this article I discuss the ways in which sags occur and look at how to prevent paint sags from occurring.