How Well Do You Know Your Simpsons Trivia?

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The Simpsons recently celebrated their 32nd year on the air, and in that time, the show has garnered over 90 Emmy Awards and nominations to go along with video games, movies and a ton of merchandise. Since being added to Disney +, the show has found a resurgence with a whole new generation who have become fascinated by Springfield's lovable and wacky characters. Many people claim to be Simpson's fanatics, but with over seven hundred episodes, how much do you think you know? Well, test your knowledge with this How Well Do You Know Your Simpsons Trivia quiz. Have fun, and don't yell "D'oh" too loudly if you get too many wrong!

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Matt Howell

Matt Howell

Matt is a print and broadcast-journalism graduate and natural storyteller with over nine years of writing experience. Matt is a writer for Creative Campbellville and his work has been featured in various magazines, newspapers and online communications across North America.

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