Canicross, Skijoring, Flyball, & Treibball: Dogs in Sports

Canicross, Skijoring, Flyball, & Treibball: Dogs in Sports

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I love dogs. In fact, I have owned two golden retrievers: Lexi and Leo. I loved going to the park and playing fetch with them. Goldens have a habit of fetching the ball, bringing it to you, and then just as you are about to grab it, playfully moving away to make you work harder to get it. Goldens are also great swimmers too. I miss playing games with my dogs. There are numerous official dog sports and dogs have been featured in movies playing sports too. This quiz will test your knowledge on this topic. Okay now, first I want you to Sit! Good boy! Okay, now you can get started!

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Dave Morrissey

Dave Morrissey

Dave was an accomplished economics instructor in the prestigious International Baccalaureate program for over 2 decades. He is currently a scout, recruiter, coach, and social media creator for a university football team who loves live music, jet skiing, and international travel.

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