Marcio Takara is a Brazilian comic artist currently living in Canada. He has worked for studios such as Marvel, Chimaera and Image. Marcio has created a series of tiny superhero drawing from various comics, which is the topic of our post today.

Visit Marcio and check out more of his excellent work at his homepage or deviantART profile. You may also follow him on Twitter @marcio_takara.

  • awesome! Love them.

  • awesome! Love them.

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  • phlangeface

    where's the maxx?

  • MasacruAlex

    That's an amazing style i love it , long live HEROES 😀

  • wow.. these are awesome!!!!!!

  • Great stylish super heroes! I remind me when I was drawing only super heroes back in high school. Nice compilation, a good inspiration that I will use for my french “design web”… thanks.

  • Skipper73

    Lingerie Girl and Bondage Batman are interesting additions to the cannon.

  • Skipper73

    Lingerie Girl and Bondage Batman are fine additions to the cannon

  • karenbethjones

    Well, they're nice, but… They're just standard comic book characters. I mean, I see pictures like these all over the place. Not even new characters. They're not really unique. But, as I said, they are well drawn. He's got skill, it just isn't anything new.

  • xaero

    nice collection.. great job.

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  • pompom

    nice!! love them!!!

  • revolver04

    Pretty cool! But where's Wolverine? Still awesome though.

  • Ed

    id love to see darth vader or the crow (eric draven) here

    great work

  • Female

    Where's Superman?

  • lewx

    Lol it's the last one >_>