In The Spotlight is a weekly showcase of art created with a particular iconic character in mind. These characters, fictional or real, are from famous literature, film, or various other forms media. What they all have in common is that they have an impact on artists and provide them with inspiration. Enjoy a new showcase every Friday!

Remi Abrahams

Coran Stone

Michael Hay

Power Pee (Photo)

Jimmy Xu

Pedro Delgado

Jae Hong Kim

Vinz El Tabanas

Paolo Pantalena

Nats Ledesma

Yildiray Cinar

Erin Denise Chupeco

Ryan Hall

Federico Blee

Hector J. Ortega

Charles Holbert Jr.



FLG8R (Photo)

Ben Templesmith

FelMarWETA (Photo)

Carlos Valenzuela

Adam Brass

Mike Henry

Kingkong21 (Photo)

Tim Keller

Alessandro Mastandrea

Federico Blee

Francis Tsai

David Igo

Carlos Cabrera

Elbis Estid Bonilla Bonilla

Arash Behnood Rod

Gytis Baranauskas

Dan LuVisi

Josh Frost

Rashad Doucet

Alex E. Quintero

Arian a.k.a. Virtual-B0Y