Jainai likes to put her personal touch on each of the envelopes she mails to clients. These envelopes are never the same and the subject matter is always randomly made up on the spot.

Jainai has many more excellent works which can be seen at her website, blog, or deviantART.

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  • William


  • awesome artwork

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  • Jew

    really? this art is shit, i drew some badass shit on my draft registration letter and no one gives a fuck. ps her style is not unique

  • Steve

    Clearly shopped. I've seen a lot of 'shops in my day. I can tell because the pixels.

    • Marisa Franz

       Actually, they are not. This may be just a bad copy of them.
      The artist’s “deviantArt” account has them all posted.
      They are here in his gallery:

  • takamata

    no shit, troll! are you saying he's trying to pawn off the drawings as a scan? dummy!

  • anon

    Clearly stupid. I've seen a lot of dumb asses in my day. I can tell because the ignorance.


    steve you are an absolute moron.

    unreal artwork!! 🙂

  • Slimey

    steve was joking, it's an internet meme. You are all morons.

  • Floyd

    Holy shit I got one of these in the mail last week from her!

  • Noah

    very cool, i would be quite excited to receive one of the envelopes in the mail.

  • Bobloblaw

    Nah I agree with steve, the shading on these is completely wrong. I mean just look a those f—ing pixels, clearly shopped.

  • Dudeman


  • Poop

    YOU’RE clearly stupid, the shading is all wrong and there is the whole issue with the pixels; it’s shopped. Don’ t try to defend this fraudulent man who calls himself an artist.

    • PooperScooper

      So, let me get this straight, a person who uses Photoshop isn’t an artist?

      • Garymotter

        no photoshopping and saying its not is lieing

        • Anonymous

          c-c-c-c-combo breakerrrr

  • Channing

    Too bad ed hardy clothes dont have this art.. i might buy them if they did..
    Send me some mail!!
    The Chicken, Owl, Cat (lion), Tree, and Samurai are Superb!!!

    Excellent work!!!!

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  • snowboarderjohn

    Absolutely Inspiring. Wonderful use of color!!

  • Stlolth

    The mustachioed skull was totally just a skull first, then he thought it looked too generic death metally so he drew in a fancy mustache.

  • Rocky Zombie

    wouldn’t someone have to use a scanner and photoshop (or some other program) just to get it on a computer, thus reducing quality?

    • Rocky Zombie

      not defending btw, i’m no expert, just posing a variable.

  • One word: Badass.

  • I Love Mail

    No matter how it was done it’s still a fun idea.

  • Preston Holcombe

    these would be really dope tatoos! does this person tattoo?

  • Please Stop!

    Please for the love of all things on the internet can people stop bashing on Steve. It is a joke. An internet meme. Maybe google the phrase and see what I mean. We all acknowledge the guy has some fantastic artwork. Please be civil about it huh?

  • Spencerwings

    Incredible. I adore these and they have now become my new bench mark of where I want to be in the next month or so with my art.

  • Defender

    How to tell if it has been photoshopped (which by the way it hasn’t):
    Step 1: Copy & Paste one of the images into photoshop, preferably one where the ink overlaps the coloured parts of the envelope.
    Step 2: Zoom to 1000%
    Step 3: Try and look for any concrete evidence that it has been photoshopped (and fail).
    Step 4: ???
    Step 5: Profit

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