Everything looks better in 3D! Don’t take my word for it though, check out these ridiculously awesome cross-eye method 3D images.

Not familiar with the cross-eye, or stereoscopic imaging, method? Learn how to view these right now by visiting this page or an alternative.

  • Grr I always find it hard to view these types of images 🙁

  • Oculoid

    Sometimes the focus is what throws me off. Moving your head closer and farther away until you see the image clearly is key.

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  • Jonathan, Thanks very much for using two of my 3D images on your blog. It looks great! Snah51

  • This is awesome!! did you have a camera with 2 lenses? How could this be possible in a piece of graphic design?? It would be an awesome added element in say… an event flier!!

  • laceygriffen

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  • Unfortunately i can not get the 3D affect to work for me… so frustrating as my partner Sarah says they are amazing.
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  • I love your photos. I would really like your feedback on the ones I have posted.
    Any input as to how to improve would be greatly appreciated.

    • Brandon Hauser

      Wow those are great! That plane one was hard to focus on but when I did I was amazed! 🙂