In The Spotlight is a weekly showcase of art created with a particular iconic character in mind. These characters, fictional or real, are from famous literature, film, or various other forms media. What they all have in common is that they have an impact on artists and provide them with inspiration. Enjoy a new showcase every Friday!

J. Scott Campbell

Tom Hodges

Will Terrell

Mathew Reynolds

Alessandro Bragalini

Emily Doyle

Yannick De Smet

Sarah a.k.a. Theytoldmesew

Pirate Trish

Jaime Posadas

Joe Eisma

Michael Duron

Corey Fetters

Carlos Lerma

Eric M. Maruscak



Christian Nauck

Adam Law

Blain Hefner

Marcus Sakoda

Nate a.k.a. Snareser

Gaetan Lee

Mark Hammermeister

George Patsouras

Trevor Grove

Ethen Beavers