Scary, funny, cute, and… pink? These are just some of the words you could use to describe these excellently painted custom toys by Aussie artist Jason Jacenko. From Munny to MAD*L, Jason uses a range of different toys as his canvas.

Stop by Jason’s deviantART profile for more of his toys, as well as some excellent tattoo and illustration work.

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  • Is that my family by any chance?

  • EpicChic

    These are scary, but they're good. This person should make some cute, not freaky ones.

    • anonomans

      it seems that people are missing the juxtaposition of “cute” toys (kidRobot etc) painted to look ferocious. making them cute wouldn’t ruin them so much as make them out of place in this series.

      Josh might be an ass, but I agree.

    • imbecilion

      the last three aren’t cute?

  • Scarf-Man

    Not at all this person has a true talent, and should not waste any bit of it by making something “cute”. I say keep making them just the way they are because they are beautifully insane in their own way!

  • Josh

    Yeah, making them cute would ruin them completely. Women are so lame…

  • Katie

    I think they are awesome! I would love to buy one for my brother, who is also an artist. I think he would find them devilish good fun. Keep up the good work!

    (Someone not in your family. 🙂

  • Nicole B. Epic

    Hey I like creepy stuff just not THIS kind of creepy stuff.

  • Anon

    Lmao @ Women are lame… You're a dick dude

  • Inga

    Um…the deer/unicorn has knee wrinkles on the front of the cannon bones on the back legs instead of on the back of the hocks. The back legs do not bend forward.
    I think the paint work is very good as far as execution, but the artist needs some counseling.

  • Inga

    Wow, Josh. You are so mature. Statements like yours, are made by lame individuals.

    I completely agree with Nicole as far as content.

  • Andrei

    who is the typical buyer for these toys? 😀

  • Why would the artist need counseling?

  • aiigo

    from what i'm seeing, he's not making these toys. he gets toys that are already there and just paints over it to recreate what it looks like, which i think is pretty interesting. i see a lot of kidrobot figures, which are usually suppose to look cute and he makes'em look all freaky which is funny and interesting to me.

  • These are wicked looking. Thnx for sharing.

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  • Nino Koder

    Oh man I want to collect them all.

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