Corey Waurechen is a self-taught painter and printmaker. He currently lives in Waterloo, Ontario, where he works in his home studio, primarily as a portrait artist. With a belief that an artist can never stop improving, Corey is constantly striving to improve his skill in several different artistic disciplines. While his paintings most often deal with from-life subject matter and the human figure, his printmaking usually takes a much more fanciful turn. For inspiration in his printmaking, Corey looks to literary sources, creating book covers and illustrations for his favourite novels. The graphic nature of block printing and the more natural shapes and colours of painting allow for him to explore endless creative possibilities. To further his artistic horizons, Corey also studies Paleontology and works from animal specimens, particularly birds, as often as possible. Corey’s work can currently be seen in the Winter 2011 edition of Creative Quarterly Magazine.

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