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  • Casper Knudsen

     Wow Awesome. Plus! The first pair of goggles you see, i own them 😀

  • Ken

    Drool-worthy gear. When you’re a steampunk the first thing you have to make is a raygun. :}>

  • Rajesh

    is that possible to purchase anyone of those??

    • Dylancolemanlovespets

      ThE MoSt SeXiEsT sUFfS EvEr SEen : O

  • http://www.quipidity.com/ Claire

    Wow very cool, hard to pick a favourite but love the watch! 

  • Mebrainiac

    amazing! you should make more and sell ;]

  • Nigga

    i hate rayguns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous
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  • Your_Face

    Just fucking sell them already! Imagine how rich you would be!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Edmond-Dantes/100003184167706 Edmond Dantes

    thats FOOZY

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  • El Steam Punko

    Awesome stuff, I agree with Dr Cheatam post,we should help the economy, somebody tell me where do I buy the vibrator thingy

  • Photography Schools

     Stylish art i like them :)

  • Concerned

    I really hope people aren’t cannibalizing working antique watches and clocks for this stuff.

    • http://northierthanthou.com/ northierthanthou

       I sort of hope they ARE.

  • http://thecraftpoints.blogspot.in/ Sameena


  • http://www.facebook.com/danny.parker.180 Danny Parker
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  • http://northierthanthou.com/ northierthanthou

    Love the last two.

  • Theres.Always.A.Troll.

    Never ever Fails to be at least one Troll that has to post Stupid shit, Why cant the old saying ” Cant say anything Nice then dont Say anything at all ” also apply to Typing text onto internet forums and any other internet area where there is a comment section

  • Ytivarg2

    is the first thing a bracelet or a ring?

  • Dan

    I like everything that looks old hand-crafted … I find all that stylish and I would like to decorate my house in the future in that theme…

  • osaid

    that’s amazing.. thanks for sharing.

  • nicole

    I think its cool! Know one appreciates art anymore.
    – and if your just posting up here to bitch you can save it because nobody needs to hear it, we all know the economys in the shiter
    -i suppose i deserve to die a terrible flaming death xD

  • dmacb

    definitely liked the ipod and the usb drive

  • alex

    where can i buy that?

  • http://dbakeca.com Dbakeca Italia

    nice stuff

  • http://www.facebook.com/greg.seth.56 Greg Seth

    The tools of the virgin

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  • angie


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    interesting that

  • http://roma.dincontri.com dIncontri

    oelele fine