Human consciousness occupies a myriad of frequencies. There exists a tiny space between the conscious realm and subconscious sleep, the wake of life, or the slipstream of consciousness. This often overlooked and briefly occupied slipstream is a very powerful space – a space where time loses its grip and mythologies are born. This experience fascinates me. I make a daily effort to be observant and diligent while in this space and to try to record what happens there.

More often than not, I am occupied with a sense of falling that accompanies the loss of consciousness, or the sense of confusion brought about by the mind trying to define its state and realizing that it is neither awake nor asleep. In the time that it has taken one to read these last couple of sentences, the mind may slip into dreamtime. Once in a great while and with great effort, one may find them self conscious of the transition and make note of it. For as Kahlil Gibran wrote, “And the treasure of your infinite depths would be revealed to your eyes.” I have found it to be a fantastic and mysterious space, where physics and canons are turned on their heads, colors become as logical as numbers, and events move too fast for language. This is the threshold where the memories of the day rush and elbow to try to get a spot in the cinema of one’s dreams. The ones that make it through are immediately transformed into something that defies tenets of ratiocination. Keeping in line with the methodology of thousands of years of tradition, it is from this well of mystery that I drink for my imagery. I believe that this space is the birth place of art. Through digging as deeply as possible and blending the images of other frequencies of consciousness with concepts from my daily experience, my work can represent more of my total self.

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