Finnish artist Mari Kasurinen takes something that many of us would never have shown interest in, My Little Pony in this case, and completely transforms the way we see it.

Find more at Mari’s website or Flickr.

  • Retardedbabyseal

    Being a huge fan of My Little Pony growing up, I’m extremely upset that I couldn’t add these ones to my adventure games.

  • Dee_passion

    These are so great!

  • Anonymous

    Very nice collection. Very innovative artworks.

  • Fu

    like your dad?

  • Creativityistheanswer

    wow, i love it when cute things go wrong ^^

  • Creativityistheanswer

    wow, i love it when cute things go wrong ^^

  • Sam

    I LOVE IT!! These are so awsome!!

  • Vlad the Impaler

    Looks like a load of little horses and things,

  • Anonymous

    What Material is used in this?

  • Stellarkaye

    Oddly interesting

  • Lilyology

    Awwww my little Pan.. and My little Alien! My favorites.

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  • Melayahm

    @silentspringsun, she uses polymer clay. These are wonderful, though I can’t help wondering what she does about copyright laws, using other people’s images.

  • Mee Nyc

    my 3 yo just introduce me to my little pony world…all these works are awesome.

  • Anonymous

    I want to see a Jareth the Goblin King one!

    • sexyisdead

      complete with disconcerting bulge!

  • Alternativo_1

    great work!

  • it would be cute if you did a set of power rangers 🙂

  • It would be cute if you did a set of my little mighty morphing power rangers 🙂

  • apathykills

    alien and predator ow my freakin god!!

  • I think Cthulhu one is my favorite.

  • Odinlkdsj

    this is fucked up i like it

  • StonerChemist

    omg these are amazing, ADORABLE

  • Art dealer

    I just ordered some ponies for my daughter… Those could well be exhibited in our gallery!

    • Germangirl

      where did you buy it?

  • Finnish artist Mari Kasurinen has put a new spin on the My Little Pony franchise of the 1980s, decking out the plastic horses in the getups of famous …

  • You’ve already sampled My Little Pony impersonating Michael Jackson. It gets much better. As it turns out, a Finnish artist by the name Mari Kasurinen “took …

  • Xombe

    There’s actually an entire internet forum with people who have done this for many, many years before these showed up.

  • Now do video games!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ilianamedenagan

    i want to buy some of them! how can i?

  • Tonya

    Amazingly cute! Funny, adorable & a touch of the crazies… Love them! 

  • Carol


  • Camillyfelixsilva

    aff pra q sua tanto?

  • Camillyfelixsilva

    n tem uma pessoa q fala em portugues aq mas eu sei fala algumas coisas em ingles

  • HELLDOG4444

    omg i love my little pony
    this is my fav site <3
    my little pony wtf

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  • Lewisw6687

    Yes! Loved the Alien 🙂 Might have to beg my sister to relinquish one of her flock

  • Great…Love them all!