Looking at real food and getting hungry is one thing, staring at these amazingly well done miniatures by Kim Burke is something completely different. I don’t just get hungry, I crave. Kim’s miniatures are simply scrumptious!

For Kim’s complete collection visit her at Etsy, deviantART, or Flickr.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GF2RONSQPZAT5YPILSZHHGJBOM kateweb

    A few of these are exceptionally realistic , a couple need a bit of work, but all in all I love them and am now hungry.

  • K_sarge

    I think your craft is supurb and should be recognized by some multi million dollar animation production Well done.

  • Uberpancake

    Very well done!

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  • Ejkua

    I make miniature foods as well, but not this realistic! It’s so cute and perfect!

  • http://www.aviglatt.com kosher

    those miniatures look cute and still yummy! Love it!

  • Laura Ross

    Hearty meals for supermodels everywhere!

  • Agclang01

    THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!Hey Kaye00 that is not even true!!this food is made by hand of men
    and giants don’t even exist!!!!What are you?A 4 year old kid?Its because he is a really good artist!!!!!!!!!

    • McDork

      Someone didn’t manage to bridge the sar-chasm. Kaye00 was making a joke.

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  • KMGavette

    This is incredible. The detailing is amazing! I love it.

  • exylein_mina

    really cute!! 😀

  • mohsin

    great food pics & funny too. http://tiny.cc/3xdfdw  online takeaway

  • jj42

    how do you do this?

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