• Jerry


  • Xris

    Omg, its actually steampunk, not the “hey look i'm gonna add gears then put brass in places where brass couldn't ACTUALLY go.” type of steampunk. well ok most of it anyway. Great compilation!

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  • Wow this is the best work i have ever seen, Pure genius http://www.mrplumberonline.com

  • Narwhaltooth

    Good work on the steam punk.

  • MariahMorris17

    Woah, I would feel so awesome wearing some of this stuff. The guns are SO SICK!

  • Techitone

    These Steampunk gadgets are amazing. Have you seen the Skeletons the Movie – Winner of the 2010 'Michael Powell Award for best British Feature Film'

    The characters of Bennett and Davis use Steampunk Technology in a modern day setting to unscramble their clients past encounters!

    For more info join the SKELETONS FaceBook Group, visit the official website or read the many great reviews.





  • Skilledbits

    WOW great Work…!!!

  • Krissy

    When will you be making more rings?

  • Dw336

    I like your work very much, congratulations!

  • Felixmilanes


  • totem111

    These are really good. Do you know where I could find some cuff-links in this style? My brother would love them!

  • Anonymous

    Amazing art! I’d love it if the creator of the blutooth steampaunk art headsets would also make a Cufflink Case with a pair of cufflinks to go with the headset. I think they’d sell like hot cakes! 🙂

  • Roflcopter

    My favorite’s were the steampunk USB drives. Freakin’ awesome 😛

  • Roflcopter

    My favorite’s were the steampunk USB drives. Freakin’ awesome 😛

  • Guest

    Keep your opinions to yourself.

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  • Nelson913

    Sooo dope

  • empicus


  • empicus


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  • Jeremy WW

    What! this is some of the sweetest jewelry/ attire that i have ever seen in my whole life!

  • Freddyocean

    reminds me of Bioshock, awsome though.

    • 2dietsox

      i was thinking that the entire time i looked at it; some of it looks like big sister armor almost.

  • I’ve always been a fan of steampunk items

  • I’ve always been a fan of steampunk items

  • i wanna buy the rings

  • Wow the detail on this stuff is great, nice work.

  • Wow the detail on this stuff is great, nice work.

  • Dan

    steampunk is my favourite style, I love the brass, especially combined with objects such as skulls, the cogs and hte intricate designs fascinate me. These are all beautiful!

  • keep it for Bioshock movie

  • love it all :3

  • the mice are wayyy cool! i also love the earpiece.

  • Theskittlesfairy

    how do we buy this? (maybe i missed something)

  • Theskittlesfairy

    if you don’t sell, you denfinetly should. 😀 i’d buy everything. also, major kudos. each item is beautiful. <3 amazing.

  • Imaginationcreationstation

    Wonderful stuff!
    How would I be able to purchase one of the pieces (rings/googles) ??

  • emily

    i kind of really want those headphones

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      Suck My DIck Bitch

  • sajjad

    These are really cool ideas

  • DAMN this is amazing…

  • Mussa

    RAY GUN!

  • Peanuthead1

    while this is nice to look at and all, I’d rather have a ray gun that works…..

  • Glytch

    Great pictures, I’d just like to point out that ray guns aren’t really steampunk more retro-sci-fi.

  • 2dietsox

    Is this stuff for sale?

  • 2dietsox

    Is this stuff for sale?

  • Xlovepain10

    do the gears turn when u use these?

  • BIOSHOCK STYLE love your job

  • Panzaster
  • Awesome! Very primitive! Old school looking!

  • Lorsydors

    Bioshock in real life form amazing!!

  • Dt Cheatham

    If this is what people are devoting their time to, instead of actually ,yoy know PRODUCING stuff for consumers to buy-and therefore HELPING the economy-then this country DESERVES to die a terrible flaming death,as it goes down the crapper. NICE WHILE IT LASTED.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      some people like to be creative in their spare time. and as people lose their jobs and cant afford to spend their spare time spending money like they used to, more and more people are taking up inexpensive hobbies. but why complain about people (in this case the miniscule fraction of a percentage of any economy that like to make steampunk stuff) not helping the economy, when its bad banking practice and lack of regulation that has gotten the WHOLE WORLD into this mess?

    • Lighten up a little, Cheatham. I’ve seen the end of the universe, and this isn’t it.

    • Fuck You Faggot

      You’re a faggot

      •  No need to insult faggots like that.

      • Theradperson

        And your an immature asshole 🙂 have fun living with your mom buddy

        • Grammar Nazi


          • Vortecs

            You’re a crappy Grammar Nazi.

    • Brooks Martyr

      Not everyone is as completely utilitarian as you would like them to be. Sorry to burst your bubble but its a fact. Although our society wants this some people just don’t want to be cogs in a machine. But if its working for you and you’ve found fulfillment in being part of the machine rather than making them then Im happy for you. Thank Ford everybody’s happy nowadays. 

      • Ytivarg2

        I hope I’m not the only one who got the brave new world reference…

    • David_w_78

      Hey bud, instead of reading and commenting on pointless articles on the internet, why don’t you go and “help the economy”? Fucking hypocrites.

    • Julia Rose

      There’s actually a  HUGE market for steampunk stuff!  A lot of people who make these sell them independently – I know I’ve bought a few little knick-knacks from people.  Plus, creativity is sometimes its own reward – money isn’t always the most important thing.

    • 45aaf

       A waste of time?  So what do you do for fun?  You must be a miserable human you worthless piece of shit.

    • Jamie

      If this post makes you wish death on an entire country, then I’d hate to see your reaction when someone points out that santa isn’t real!?  –.–

      have a pleasant day mr. cheat ham

    • Dt Cheatham is a tool

      Words can’t describe how stupid you just made yourself sound.

      •  Actually, your words did a pretty good job of communicating that.

    • Brandirish123

      you obviously never looked at art and appreciated it… just to busy complaining about how it doesnt help you

    • Dean_1994

      hahahahah this guy is copping it hardcore! creativity wew!

    • Ekatz266

      Ya because art isnt an occupation(sarcastic voice), I’d rather spend my time looking at art, making art, and appretiating it, rather than trolling the internet looking for places to make myself to look like an idoit…..get some culture.
      P.S. why do you think that art is mass produced? …oh yeah! FOR PEOPLE TO BUY!!!! (clearly not you)

    •  Lol, look at me. I care!!!

    • guest

      thats a little mean dont you think?

    • if i had the money i would buy steampunk stuff, i love the style.