Christopher Uminga is a painter/illustrator from New Haven, CT who puts a unique twist on various comic book heroes we all know and love. Below is some of his awesome artwork.

For more of this artist’s great work check out his personal website.

  • Shawn

    I'm loving these

  • Shawn

    I'm loving these

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  • Captain Obvious

    There certainly were a lot of villains in that arrangement of heroes.

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  • Ya, these are great.
    Harely's my fav. Where's Spidey though?

  • Ant

    simply excellent.

  • Very, very nice. Very sweet ^_^. I find them really cute because they all have a “What is happening?”-face.

  • Oculoid

    I think that is what I love the most about Chris' style. The expressions! Check out his latest Star Wars Galaxy cards he created for Topps.

  • JMK

    they all look the same, and this is not a unique style by any means. some people do it much better.

  • Oculoid

    The unique is more a reference to the characters themselves. I have never seen Wolverine, per se, sketched in such a way. You might be right that there are others with the same style.

  • Mr Awesome.

    That's nice. I appreciate the work but please, don't go calling this sort of stuff unique, because it really isn't. I've seen it all before.

  • avisioncame


  • SK

    Very cool work of classic superhero characters!

  • savgraf

    Funny and stylish guys:) I like this heroes! You should keep this collection

  • Jam

    Cool artwork; These would make for a great Flash Movie.

  • MD

    Just awesome!

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  • Lucas

    For some reason this style of drawing reminded me of a game called castle crashers

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  • Decider

    I don't really see what's so unique about taking old comic book heroes and making them chibi. Cute, but not original at all.

  • Very interesting take on traditional cultural icons. I'd suggest you develop your own characters and do your own comic book in this style. It would be quite unique

  • Goat

    They're well-made, and the style is nice, but I'm certain I've seen it before.

  • Pish


  • Pish


  • Sai

    You should put them in more poses. A lot of them are just standing there and it's lame :<

  • Mi

    Although it is cute I don't see how this is unique at all. Google ” chibi comic characters” and you will discover that this particular style of art is, adorable as it may be, old news.

    • lalo

      Just let people enjoy the pride in the work they do and don’t be such a killjoy. Everyone is such a confrontational critic….

    • lalo

      Just let people enjoy the pride in the work they do and don’t be such a killjoy. Everyone is such a confrontational critic….

    • mr. right

      I googled chibi art and it was all bad compared to this

    • Mark

      Totally agree – Luke Cheuh has been doing something similar to this for years

  • ace

    You were at baltimore comicon a couple years ago and I bought a joker/harley quinn print from you. I still have it <3

  • Bill S.

    this stuff is great, the watercolor is insane.

  • Keep crying about the uniqueness, you'll never be able to create anything like this.

  • kim. L.

    this is great. so great. i love it. seriously.

  • kim. L.

    yes but i love it because this is done so well. old news. yes. but. so are some of the greatest paintings. old but good.

  • These are fantastic!! I can airbrush, but I can't get my brain to think like this! I love this style. Reminds me of Squee only better!

  • Marco

    Well if u could all draw them like this then id say talk shit but sicne i doubt it I like this guy he did a good job

  • Matthew

    This is not actually Chibi art. It is of a different style, so in that case it is unique. In fact it shares very little in common with chibi except the concept of cuteness in the artwork. Look at chibi and compare it to this. It's very, very different.

  • These are real cool and cute!

  • gigglepuff

    you rock. dont ever cchange

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  • ha.

    i'd like to see you try.

  • rawr.

    when you can make art as good as this, then you can say its un-unique. until then.. dont.

  • apple


  • qwerty

    so ur saying all art critiques must be able to produce comparable works before they are able to critique others? get your head out of your ass and use some sense

  • Yeah, Marvel-babies are not what I would call UNIQUELY styled

  • great drawing, it look like zombies superheroes.

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  • Bleh

    art style is old news. i know someone who already has this style from a long time ago -____-

  • fantastic art! 🙂

  • they're very cool… emo-ish though..

  • anonymous

    they seem very sad to me. in no way cute or anything else

  • jose

    loved the art, especially scarecrow

    that said, the word unique gets thrown around so much its lost meaning

  • Lizzy

    Actually “Chibi” means small…so they are indeed “Chibi” they are smaller younger looking versions of the original…and also cute =p