In The Spotlight is a weekly showcase of art created with a particular iconic character in mind. These characters, fictional or real, are from famous literature, film, or various other forms media. What they all have in common is that they have an impact on artists and provide them with inspiration. Enjoy a new showcase every Friday!

John Lacko

Stanislav Tomsej

Ian Seniff

Marco David Carrillo

Jim Mehsling


Carlos Lerma

Gosha Voznica

Will Godwin

Bobby Chiu

Michael Borkowski

Vesa Lehtimaki

Robert Angelo

Amanda Magnetta-Ottati

Marcy Bridges

Al Rio

Drew Pocza

Chris Wahl

Pachy Sarmiento

Alex Leighton

Brian Pierce

Jeremy Montoya

Anton van Dort

Emily Schreck

Mike Stimpson

Otis Frampton

Mutley James