Pages from the Moleskine of Canadian illustrator and designer Trevor Henry. Trevor started sketches in late 2008 when he first discovered the wonder of the Moleskine sketchbook.

See the rest at Trevor’s website or Behance.

  • Aaaawesoooome!!! 🙂

  • ctf

    you drow very good but your drowings are disgasting :/ But you drow amazing…

  • Guest

    Those seem like something that I should be fighting in a video game! I love ’em

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  • Cogknight

    Moleskine sketches?  That must make them twice as good as regular sketches!

  • tight as hell good shit!

  • Tholmes 1

    yea you know what really isnt that great??? your life, because apparently you dont have anything better to do but put other people down, fucking hater

  • Vincent Van Gogh

    Don’t sign your work. It’s ridiculous.

    • guest

      don’t make comments.  it’s ridiculous.

  • guest

    These are effing awesome.  I swear I’ve seen your art somewhere.  The landshark looks so familiar… where have I seen your stuff?!

  • Slayer Fluffy

     Any artist of quality does not think their work is very good. On his site the first thing he says is that he was not satisfied with his shading and has set a goal to improve it. Fun fact: You’re an ass.

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