What is the meaning of all this?

Oculoid is my personal online space to share and discuss information about a subject I love very much. What is that subject? Why, art of course! Art is all around us, and we are exposed to it every day. Art is found in everything from the movies we watch, video games we play, books and magazines we read, posters and billboards we see, to just about anything you can buy in a store. If you stop and think about it, art went into almost everything of what you see around you right this second!

My intent with Oculoid is to provide daily inspiration to the vast network of designers and artists that surf the net. Check in with Oculoid every day for the best the art world has to offer.

Please note: Oculoid does not in any way take credit for or claim copyright on the artwork, designs, or creations that appear on this website. Oculoid is simply a place to share and celebrate design, artists, and wonderfully creative works.

If you find something on Oculoid that you feel you would like removed, please let us know right away.


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I have something to say!

I would absolutely love to hear from you! There are a few different ways to contact me. The easiest and quickest is to send me a message using the contact form. Alternatively you may also reach me on Twitter or send an email directly to my inbox by using this email. Whether you’d like to leave me a comment or are interested in displaying your website link on Oculoid, don’t hesitate to get a hold of me.


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